Top Reasons Your Mac is Running Slow

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All macs start to slow down as they age. It does not matter whether you have a MacBook Pro or iMac. Fortunately, there are various performance tips that can help you fix the problem. In this post, you will learn some top ways to make your Mac faster. These some of the methods to try.

The Hard Drive is Getting Full

mac computerHaving a lot of data stored in your Mac can slow its speed. Thus, there is a need to lighten the load on the Mac. In this way, you can be sure to increase its speed. The best way to fix this problem is by cleaning up the hard drive. However, this may not be as easy as it sounds. The truth is that you have a lot of things in the hard drive that you do not need. For instance, you may have old movie files that you no longer need. Before cleaning the system, you need to figure out the staff you do not require and then remove it safely.

Outdated macOs

Your Mac’s operating system is quite important as it determines how it performs. Ideally, older operating systems run slower. This explains why Apple releases a new operating system nearly every year. It is a good idea to have the latest version of a macOS. You should regard it as new software that makes the Mac run more smoothly. Therefore, you should update it to speed your Mac.

Startup is Slowing down Your Mac

MacintoshIdeally, when you start your Mac, several things can load up in the background. Other than slowing down your startup, they will continue slowing down everything when you are using your Mac. In this case, you need to offer your Mac a clean start and ensure it runs faster. If you fail to manage your startup items, it is like making the Mac run a sprint with a book-filled backpack.

Old Hardware

Sometimes your Mac may be too old to fix. If the Mac hardware gets too old, your speed is bound to drop drastically. In such a case, there is nothing much you can do to fix the problem. If this is the problem, you should consider upgrading your Mac. This can be pricey, and some Macs are beyond being upgraded. The best thing to do is to replace your hard drive with the SSD disk.

Author: Guillermo Cano