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Three Tech Hacks to Boost Your Startup Performance

If you run a business, being well-informed about technology will keep you ahead of your competitors. Technology innovations have allowed us to connect with each other effortlessly. And for entrepreneurs, that tech feature means global networking and vast market reach.

Efficiency and accuracy is everything in business. The studies on startups have figured out a rather concerning reality. Almost 75% of new companies cannot survive because there is not enough market for their products.

Here, we’ll show you three tech hacks that every entrepreneur must know to make their business system run effectively and efficiently.

1. Optimizing Your Company’s Emails

If you use your own domain for your business, then you have to make sure that it is fax compatible. Although faxing sounds like an old-fashioned technology, it is still utilized in many business sectors, such as manufacturing, medics, law, and finance. In fact, Google has a feature to send a fax via email, named Google Online Fax. Therefore, you should prioritize versatility over your intention to make a private email domain for your company.

Moreover, do not assume that your employees know all about the potential use of their email. You should organize a seminar to discuss a topic like this so that you do not burden your employees with unrealistic expectation. Sending a text message, uploading file to a cloud, making a video call, organizing a video conference, and remotely controlling other gadgets are some uses of email that are not known by many.

2. Getting the Most Out of Outsourcing

generating ideasOutsourcing tasks is only possible if the infrastructure of the surrounding environment is developed enough. Besides, the Internet is heavily responsible for this new model of hiring. There are many kinds of outsourcing companies, but the most useful ones for you will be a server-hosting service, chatbot for customer service, and cloud service.

The principle here is to avoid the cost of upgrading your company’s hardware and retraining your employees for a new task. You can pay a more specialized company for it so that you can focus more on your product’s quality.

3. Utilizing Podcasts and Videos for Instructions

learning by using a tabRepeating the same thing over and over again is wasting your precious time. Instead, why don’t you make yourself and your employees accustomed to instructional podcasts/videos?

Training new staff will be more effective and efficient if you prepare your material in the form of shareable digital content. No need for meeting and everyone always has the chance to review back the procedures that they forget. However, this type of professional communication requires everyone in the company to be adept at multimedia learning. Otherwise, it will add unnecessary problems to the workflow.