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Reasons to Subscribe to Online Faxing

If you are still using the traditional way of faxing, you may be missing on a lot of things. Whether you are using fax for personal correspondence or for business purposes, shifting to online faxing will give you enormous benefits. With online faxing, you can be sending and receiving fax on Gmail email. This means you need not be at the place where your fax machine is before you can read faxed documents sent to you. And it does not end there. You can respond right away.

Prompt correspondence with business partners, customers, and agencies is one of the excellent traits of a good company. It can be one way to gain trust and confidence from benefactors. For sure, it helps in advancing your goals. This should be enough reason to shift to online faxing.

Beyond prompt correspondence, online faxing is also important for the following reasons.


You can only start faxing online if you already availed of a local fax number. Although it is termed local number, you can use it in a global scope. It is important that you affix your signature to your faxed documents. You can do so with an electronic signature. When faxed items are signed, this makes them legal documents.

Aside from the electronic signature, your faxed documents are also secure because online faxing runs with SSL encryption and has protected cloud storage.


Your business will surely grow if you play your cards well. But during this time while you are still finding the right path to success, you may not have bulks of faxed documents yet. For the meantime, you can subscribe to a plan that is compatible to your business needs. When that time comes when you get tons of document each day, you can always adjust your plan.


Another advantage of online faxing is that you can receive fax documents in any internet device even if the sender is using a different platform. Web Apps and Google Docs are among the many platforms that you can use to send and receive faxes.


From purchasing a fax machine to spending on maintenance, ink and paper, and hiring an employee to do faxing tasks, traditional faxing can be more costly than online faxing.


workingOnline faxing can be done anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to be in your office to check faxed documents. It is also easier to file and retrieve documents. This is because you can organize documents by assigning codes.

Indeed, all this reasons point to one direction. You should start looking for the online fax service provider that will fit your needs.

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Ultimate Guide to Google Fax

It is estimated that nearly 1 billion people use Gmail account for communication. Do you know that Gmail lets you send and receive faxes the same way you send and receive emails? With the ever-increasing security concerns in the tech world, fax is still relevant and secure technology. Ideally, the process of sending a fax from Gmail is quite easy.

What You Need to Begin Faxing Online

Gmail Account

It is a good idea to create a new account for faxing purposes. Fortunately, it is free to create a Gmail account. The truth is that Gmail is quite popular, thanks to the simple interface and quick navigation. Moreover, it is backed by a leading search engine company. Thus, you can be assured it is 100% reliable.

Google Fax Number

sending a faxIn this case, you need a virtual fax number that can redirect the incoming faxes to your Gmail inbox. You can receive faxes as PDFs, images, word documents, and more. You can get this number from Google fax service providers. Remember that the fax services provide you with an opportunity to choosing between toll-free and local number when you sign up. Also, the type of business you are running will determine your needs.

Email Fax Service Account

Other than getting a number for receiving faxes on your Gmail, the services are available with a wide range of features that can save your money and time. For instance, you have the ability to fax from your email address. Also, you can integrate Microsoft Office with a push of a button.

Advantages of Google Fax


You should note that Google Fax takes a few minutes to set up, and it is automated after sending the email message. Ideally, all email fax services have a wide range of features that can help you save a lot of time. Some of the features include fax broadcasting, scheduling, and forwarding.

Lower Fax Costs

You can start with a fax service that costs a few dollars. Also, you can use the limited trial period if you do not want to pay anything. Moreover, you will save on the costs of dedicated fax lines, shelling out paper, and costs of toners.


security and protectionAs noted above, Google Fax Services ensure that all your documents are private and secure thanks to the encryption technology and advanced protection. Thus, communicating through Gmail fax is more reliable as compared to doing so through a fax machine. You will not run into issues such as missed faxes, phone lines, and dreaded paper jams.

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Perks of Using Gmail Faxing

Gmail is a Google product that is designed to enhance our day-to-day communication, primarily through email communication. Thanks to technological advances, Gmail has undergone massive changes which have brought about significant contributions in how people and businesses use it to communicate. And nowadays, it is possible to send and receive faxes using your Gmail account.

Unlike conventional faxing, Gmail faxing uses the Internet.  Once you sign up and meet all the necessary subscription requirements, you can send/receive faxes using your email.

Like any technology, Gmail faxing offers quite several practical benefits. Here are some of the main benefits accrued to using Gmail fax.

You Don’t Need a Fax Machine

In the past, you had to invest in a fax machine to send or receive faxes. Gmail faxing, however, has eliminated the need to commit business resources to a fax machine. Instead, you only need an active email account and a subscription with an online fax provider. Not having a fax machine at your desk will free up some working space and reduce your working costs.


Gmail faxing can be very affordable. Besides the benefit of not having to buy a fax machine, which has been discussed in the previous section, you stand to reduce your operational costs in many other ways. For instance, you using Gmail faxing takes care of the burden of having to buy papers, toners, and some faxing essentials. Most online fax providers offer a free trial period, and this can help you reduce your costs in a way.

printed documentMultiple File Conversion Options

Another benefit offered by Gmail faxing is the ability to convert documents into different file formats. If you receive a document as fax, for instance, Google will automatically convert it to a fax image. If you do not intend to print the image, you can always turn it to a file format of your liking for purposes of reading or printing on your computer.

Offers Exceptional Clarity

Gmail faxing allows us to send quality and clear documents. This is attributed to the fact that you do not have to scan the document, which compromises the quality of the image in a way. Whether you are faxing from your phone or computer, you are assured of receiving a document in the same quality as it was sent