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Guillermo Cano

Established to cater to diagnostic centers, medical equipment retailers, medical technology professionals, and students, Defrente Barinas Tech Engine aims to perpetuate the most comprehensive information on various topics regarding laboratory equipment and apparatuses. With our unparalleled knowledge of all known brands of these laboratory equipment, we educate users on proper handling, step-by-step operational procedures, and after-care techniques to safeguard these delicate devices from early wear and tear.

With product specifications from different manufacturers, we supplement it with instructional videos and educational articles for easier understanding and simpler applicability. We answer queries in the best way we can so you will have no regrets upon acquiring a new and expensive clinical equipment. From autosamplers, fractionators, homogenizing system to laboratory image cameras, sterilization equipment, and many others; we cover every known laboratory device with distinct authority and unquestionable expertise.

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